Our organisation commenced with a small-scale project aimed at providing free basic education for all. Over time, we have expanded our efforts to encompass several large-scale projects with a primary focus on three key sectors: education, hygiene, and individual
personality development. 

Our Team

Our team act as a support in grooming the underprivileged sections through powerful tool of education and proper health and hygiene. The main motto of NANHE PAKSHI is to bring the lost positiveness in the society and improve upon the past prejudices on women and other sections of society. Our family all as one believe in the very fact of being the change that the world needs to see, as quoted by the great M.K. Gandhi.


The Pathshaala project was initiated by Nanhe Pakshi with the objective of providing high-quality education to underprivileged individuals. Our core team members, along with our dedicated volunteers and interns, have worked tirelessly to achieve this goal. Each volunteer or intern is assigned a student in a specific slum area. Every Sunday, the volunteers visit the slum to interact with the students on academic aspects while also focusing on imparting moral values and developing their personalities. During these interactions, the volunteer and students share their experiences and stories, developing a special bond that not only boosts the child’s self-confidence but also motivates them to learn from their mentor. The NGO believes that education coupled with character-building can pave the way towards a brighter future for these children and society as a whole.
Nanhe Pakshi aims to provide slum students with a superior standard of education and instill a sense of positivity in them. This initiative plays a significant role in preparing these students to compete with their peers studying at private schools.


The NGO is providing self-defence training to underprivileged children, and the instructor is a Delhi Police officer. The initiative is aimed at empowering children with the knowledge and skills required to protect themselves in potentially dangerous situations. The training includes various techniques such as martial arts, hand-to-hand combat, and situational awareness. By providing self-defence training to children from underprivileged backgrounds, the NGO is ensuring that they are equipped with the necessary tools to protect themselves in their daily lives. The Delhi Police officer serving as an instructor for this programme brings with them a wealth of experience and expertise in law enforcement, making the training even more valuable for the children. The initiative not only helps to build the self-confidence of the children but also gives them a sense of security and empowerment.

Volunteer and child Nanhe Pakshi 5


Unnati is a collaborative project that mostly consists of our volunteers and interns, who are working towards a common goal of building an exemplary society. The primary objective of the project is to shed light on pressing issues that require attention in today’s world. We are making efforts to create an ideal society by leveraging the power of human resources, and we organise various events such as campaigns, rallies, and marathons to raise public awareness about social and environmental concerns that need more attention. In addition, we strive to make learning a fun and engaging process by organising educational events and talent shows. We also conduct “Nukkad Natak” frequently, as it is an effective way to attract the masses and draw attention to critical issues such as education, sanitation,and child labour. The project also emphasises ensuring a healthy livelihood through initiatives like cleanliness and sanitation drives and food distribution programmes to aid the impoverished.



We are a dedicated team of individuals who work towards the upliftment of slums communities by providing them with employment opportunities and basic facilities such as healthcare and education. Our organisation adopts slums and works closely with the community to identify their needs and concerns. We encourage community participation in all our projects and advocate for their rights. Our work includes setting up vocational training centres , providing skill-based training to slum dwellers, and creating employment opportunities for them. We also provide basic facilities, such as access to clean drinking water, sanitation, and healthcare services. Our aim is to empower slum communities and help They break the cycle of poverty.


The NGO has come up with a unique way of addressing the issue of hunger by collecting leftover food from restaurants and distributing it to the needy. By taking advantage of the surplus food that would otherwise go to waste, we are able to provide meals to those who would otherwise go hungry. This not only helps to tackle food waste but also ensures that the less fortunate are provided with basic sustenance. The food is distributed by the volunteers in different localities.



The NGO collaborates with college societies to conduct clothing donation drives in order to provide clothes to the underprivileged. The NGO sets up collection boxes in various colleges. and encourages students to donate their old clothes. Once the collection is complete, the NGO sorts the clothes and distributes them to the needy. Through this collaboration with different college societies, the NGO not only collects a large number of clothes but also builds a network of volunteers who are willing to contribute to the cause. The NGO ensures that the donated clothes are of good quality and in wearable condition before distributing them. This initiative not only provides clothes to the needy but also promotes sustainable fashion and reduces clothing waste.

An initiative towards Sex Workers

Nanhe Pakshi works to promote the health and rights of sex workers. At the time of COVID, this section of society was neglected by many. We aim to build an equal and just society for everyone. These people are able to sustain their lives because they are all working. But they lack proper health facilities, and we provided all the necessary doctors and medical equipment during tough times.

sex workers Nanhe Pakhsi